Company  Information


Vintara was  the first provider  of Web-based enterprise process management solutions and services.  The year was 1997. The  idea of reliable, documented, positive processes and procedures was the driving force for International Standards Organization.  

Originally our website was founded under the name of by our founder Glenn Kohner.  Soon we were required to to change our name.  As ISO 9000 became an emerging requirement in the manufacturing and medical world, it was important that ISO could be identified by 

Founded in 1997, Vintara has a proven track record of helping the enterprise successfully prepare for and cost-effectively maintain in compliance with a range of domestic and internationally recognized standards. 

Combining innovative technology with training and consulting services, Vintara QMS delivered the solutions that helped the enterprise manage a range of key business processes setting the path to continual improvement.  We continue to do that today.

The Vintara application serves as the "General Ledger" for rolling up processes across disparate vertical and horizontal user groups.

This process enables us to more enhanced enterprise wide communication and complete visibility to all process management systems. We combine our technology, our people and our implementation process to deliver solutions that provide complete management system automation. The connection of these three elements ensures a company is able to franchise key processes – the same process everywhere.

In 2021, we are headquartered in Reno, Nevada, VQMS  provides solutions and services to customers coming from a variety of industries, with a diverse range of needs. In every case, Vintara has created solutions that meet and exceed their growing business needs.