The Vintara QMS  Customer Satisfaction Center provides a platform for recording all relevant customer information and monitoring customer relations to ensure your company meets their needs.

Complete Tools
The Customer Satisfaction Center is designed for creating and storing customer profiles and records of customer communication. As a Web-based tool, the Customer Satisfaction Center is a centralized source of customer relation information. You’ll simplify the process of retaining and updating customer records with:

  • Customized contact profiles and feedback records
  • Multiple views of cross-referenced data
  • Automatic filing and organizational tools

Simplified Process
With attached records of all contact profiles, feedback and complete surveys, you’ll adhere to the standard and ensure continual improvement with your customers. The Customer Satisfaction Center allows you to easily discern information about your sales or customer service operations with:

  • Product or customer-specific surveys
  • Customer information viewable by status and sales representative
  • Customer feedback viewable by customer, contact, status, product or location
  • Quick views of customer complaints and company response actions

Customer Satisfaction