Having a faulty production run because of misplaced nonconforming materials or reusing misplaced nonconforming products can have a serious effect on your bottom line. With the Vintara QMS  Nonconformance Center, you will be sure that all nonconforming material is dealt with immediately and removed from production.

Complete Tools
The Nonconformance Center provides a compliant process for handling and tracking nonconforming products. Designed to ensure your nonconformance records are processed as efficiently as possible, it includes:

  • Forms to record a nonconformance or disposition
  • Forms to comment on a record
  • Multiple views and status of product nonconformances

Expedited Process
With a centralized database and automatic email notifications, parties responsible for determining the disposition of documents can have accurate records of nonconformances processed and stored within minutes. In turn, all nonconformance records are assured to be legible, organized and controlled, meeting all the requirements of the standard.

Improved Performance
By processing your nonconformance records quickly, you can make sure your nonconforming product is dealt with in a timely manner and minimize negative impact on your production process. The Nonconformance Center helps you reduce costly issues that arise as a result of mishandled documents or nonconforming materials. With informative views of nonconformances by product or supplier, you can immediately identify problematic products and take action.

The Nonconformance Center streamlines the process with:

  • Automatic email routing of record transfers
  • Accurate, legible records of processed nonconformances
  • Intuitive record control features for audit and company tracking