The Vintara QMS  application gives you the tools to streamline your management process and ensure you gain and maintain  compliance as quickly as possible.

Using our Web-based application, you will be able to set a more refined procedure for document control, as the application manages all the requirements using automatic versioning and archiving, electronic signatures and date/time stamps. With centrally stored documents, you’ll notice enhanced internal communication and improved performance throughout the company. All of which encourages total company buy-in and participation in your Quality Management System (QMS).

Immediately upon purchasing the Vintara QMS application, the audit center populates with ISO Standard Questions.  And for those times when you don't want to use any standard, that option is available by entering your own departmental questions and answers for a good thorough non-standard audit with scoring.

second secured password input at all approval stages

Security at all approval levels requiring a second input of the User password before approving any document.  Approvals are time to the second. 

Import Function

An import function to bring  the most important fields of your ready database into the Vintara QMS application.

Automatic Email
With the Vintara QMS  application, all management tasks are handled automatically through email routing. This includes your review and approval process, CAR routing process, equipment calibration management, audit scheduling and more. Configured to meet your company’s needs, these automatic emails will help you eliminate delays in processing documents and records caused by communication breakdowns.

Automatic Versioning
To further eliminate the possibility of using uncontrolled documents, the Vintara QMS  application provides automatic versioning on all documents and relevant records. When a new version of an issued document is created, it is labeled accordingly with a version number and date/time stamp. Once approved, the previous document is stored into a traceable archive.  Any printed document has the watermark "Uncontrolled Document."

Firewall Links
If you’re concerned about protecting sensitive documents, the  application provides firewall links for extra security. The firewall links provide the same functionality as the attachment feature, except for one significant difference: Documents remain on your server instead of the Vintara server, which means they can only be accessed from within your facility.

Extranet Access
In order to streamline response to interested parties, the Vintara QMS  Customer Satisfaction Center enables interested parties the ability to fill out feedback and surveys online. Upon completion, the complete records are properly stored with that party's profile and appropriate internal parties are automatically notified.

Flex Fields
Do you have unique data that you currently track? Do you require organization-specific fields on your QMS records? Vintara QMS  flex fields allow up to five custom fields to be added to any form in the system. These fields can be designated as dialog lists, checkboxes, radio buttons, input fields for dates, numbers or currency, and text areas. In turn, you customize the Vintara QMS  application to maintain your current specific practices.

These unique features are only a few highlights of the various features that makeup the Vintara QMS  application. This combination of innovative and practical functionality will aid you in the process of building and maintaining a compliant QMS.

​VQMS does more than just keep track of documents.  The application offers a Baker's

 Dozen up to thirteen different centers for your company.

From Customer Satisfaction to Internal Auditing to Calibrating Equiment.  All of the centers talk to each other so you have no redundancy...and less manual labor!​​​

Features and Centers...