Vintara QMS  empowers training professionals to easily meet the requirements of the standard, and document their adherence. The Training Center provides the tools for installing a training program in your company as well as the record-keeping system to monitor it and provide evidence of compliance.

Complete Tools
With the Training Center, you’ll save time in your training process and recalling evidence of compliance in an audit situation. A centralized database allows you to monitor the efficiency of your training policy and provides easily accessible evidence of compliance to the standard.

Key tools of the Training Center allow you to:

  • Schedule classes
  • Monitor attendance and class records
  • View calendars of training events

Improved Performance
Many companies suffer huge losses as a result of poorly or untrained staff. Instead of waiting for a training need to present itself in the form of a costly nonconformance, the Training Center allows you to identify potential problems and immediately correct them by initiating a preventive action and scheduling training.

Enhanced Internal Communication
The Training Center enables employees to be proactive in the training process. With a viewable calendar of all training events and a list of available courses, employees can request to attend classes and monitor the status of their training profile. A list of employees’ completed training provides a quick comparison of training levels to further encourage staff to be proactive in seeking and receiving training.

Training Center