Debra Jack
Director of Consulting Services

Debra Jack has over 25 years of experience in the areas of consulting and support services and documentation.  Additionally she shares her knowledge and experience with ten years of experience with Vintara in a consulting capacity.  In addition, Debra  is responsible for providing  onsite training and installation services as well as trade show exhibits for Vintara.  
Her Fortune 500 experience includes working for Microsoft Licensing Group, Georgia Pacific Corporation, Lockheed Martin. Executive experience includes General Manager, Vice President Sales & Marketing, and National Sales Manager levels. Debra has consulted with various emerging companies both nationally and internationally. Debra received her B.S. Business Administrtion, Finance, Cum Laude from Humboldt State University with graduate level  acceptance at Dominican University in San Francisco.

Steve Anderson

Mr. Anderson was previously the  Managing Partner of IT Directions, a business consulting practice providing services to U.S. and international eCommerce and B2B companies on business processes, sales and marketing strategies.  His background also includes executive sales and marketing positions with national enterprise software companies, including managing the corporate sales and  rollups of several successful startups.  He was President of, COO/VP Sales of Creative Computer Solutions, and CEO of Data Directions.  His Fortune 500 experience includes IS Director for Levi Strauss and Systems Engineer Manager for Electronic Data Systems.  Mr. Anderson earned his B.S. Cum Laude and his M.B.A. from the University of Florida.