Corrective Action Requests

The Vintara QMS Corrective Action Requests (CARs) Center provides real-time Requests detailing status, type, department or process at the touch of a button. This streamlined process sets up a documented procedure for implementing corrective and preventive action.

Complete Tools
As a fully automated, Web-based tool, the CAR Center not only eliminates a clumsy paper process, but also creates a more efficient Quality Management System (QMS). You’ll eliminate the hassles of illegible handwriting, constant reminder memos, and the lengthy filing and approval process with:

  • Automatic email notification
  • Real-time reporting
  • Customized approval process

Expedited Process
The CAR Center ensures the quickest route to corrective action. Featuring a customized approval process and an intuitive user interface for selecting approvers and assignees, CARs can be created at any time from anywhere in the Vintara QMS  application. You’ll benefit from:

  • Easy CAR assignments
  • An automated and unmonitored process
  • Quick views of CAR status

Improved Performance
Speed the cycle of information flow, while ensuring accurate information and providing real-time Requests to senior management. The CAR Center provides customized, real-time reporting with multiple views of CAR status, processing and origination. These views refine the CAR process and determine what other processes are most in need of improvement.