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Newest Quality Management Release Version 11.1.13

OAKLAND CA, USA – December 1, 2017 – Vintara, a leading provider of document and quality management software solutions, today announced that the Company’s latest release including the ISO 9001 2015 Standard  is scheduled for December 1, 2017.  This release is this designed to meet the latest requirements of ISO 9001:2015  to be implemented by September 2018.  In addition, the Release includes the newest enhancements to ISO 13485.

Glenn Kohner, Vintara’s CEO, asks you pointedly, "Are you ready  to meet the mandates of the ISO 9001 2015 standard that must be implemented by September 2018?"   Our latest release continues Vintara’s tradition of premier QMS software enabling companies to quantify and measure activity enterprise-wide.  Our customers make informed business decisions and reduce costs while improving both company performance and customer satisfaction.  You get results by tracking ownership of data and completion of activities.  QMS software has evolved from an individual’s toolkit into an enterprise solution focused on increasing access to resources and overall participation across the organization requirements.”

We welcome the opportunity to provide  a gap analysis to determine differences between the current Standard ISO 9001 2008 versus the Standard ISO 9001 2015 at your company.  The newest standard must  be in place and ready for audit by September 2018.  This one hour no cost consultation may also include a demonstration of our current updated software application,  Vintara Quality Management System.

Release Highlights

  • ISO 9001 2015 suggested Audit questions and suggested answers
  • Built in EXCEL templates for each process to track progress as mandated

Prior Release highlights are as follows:

  1. Double Signature Validation
  2. Time-stamp accuracy to the second for approved documents
  3. Automated timely review of documents
  4. Cross-browser navigational compatibility across ALL  browsers (Internet Explorer, EDGE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) eliminating data loading and compatibility issues
  5. Templates in place and available for the newest ISO standards that are scheduled for implementation in September 2018
  6. Document change log
  7. Coordination with Outlook for meeting notices